• Art of Flight Motion GFX  /
    Brain Farm Cinema
    Art of Flight Motion GFX

    Art of Flight is a film that redefined the blending of cinema and action sports. This two year project followed pro snowboarder Travis Rice to some of the most remote locations in the world. Director Curt Morgan at Brain Farm Digital Cinema approached us to create the intro title sequence, animated logos, and graphic package for the film. We wrote a concept that required the use of existing footage as well as produced new cinematic sequences such as the board waxing and airport scenes.


    Production Company : Brain Farm Digital Cinema
    Director / Editor : Curt Morgan
    Executive Producers : Scott Bradfield / Circe Wallace / Charlie Rosene / Ryan Runke
    Co-Executive Producers : Curt Morgan / Travis Rice / Joe Sorge
    Produced By : Chad Jackson / Curt Morgan
    Cinematography : Curt Morgan / Jarred Slater / Gabe Langlois / Greg Wheeler
    Art Directon / Design : Chris Murphy
    Motion GFX / Animation / Compositing : Zach Johaneson / Jim Menkol / Chris Murphy
    Music : M83 "Outro"

  • Haiti  /
    Water Missions International

    We spent two weeks in Haiti just after the earthquake and filmed this piece for Water Missions International. This was our gift to an incredible organization that is saving lives every day.


    Client : Water Missions International
    Production Company : Helio Collective
    Direction : Chris Murphy
    Cinematography : Kina Pickett
    Motion Graphics : Chris Murphy / Zach Johaneson
    Editor / Colorist : Christopher Murphy
    Music : Sigur Ros

  • Young Jaws  /
    Red Bull
    Young Jaws

    Young Jaws is a viral short film about the young surfers that ride the famous reef break (Pe'ahi) off the coast of Maui. The film features surfer Ian Walsh and describes how it takes years for the best weather conditions in order for the wave to break at heights up to 120'. We created a concept for the intro sequence that would bring a turbulent underwater sequence to life by using macro cinematography and elements that would react with the water to give us the best effect. All of our footage and graphics were composited to create the final sequence.


    Production Company : Brain Farm Digital Cinema
    Director / Cinematographer : Curt Morgan
    Art Direction : Chris Murphy
    Motion GFX / Animation : Chris Murphy / Zach Johaneson
    Editor : Tate Macdowell
    Music Composer : Andy Sorge

  • Logo Animation  /
    Logo Animation

    Dakine wanted a general animated logo to use throughout the brand verticals. We concepttulized, designed, and created this custom logo for Dakine.


    Client : Dakine
    Production Company : Helio Collective
    Art Direction / Design / Animation : Zach Johaneson

  • Future of CX  /
    Right Now Technologies
    Future of CX

    Right Now Technologies is a leader in the field of customer experience. The company came to us with a need to tell the story about the future of this technology,and portray a unique vision into the future of customer experience. We worked with the VP of brand experience to create a visual language of gestures that would control future interfaces. We then created a design template for the devices that would interact with the specific language of gestures. We then produced, shot, animated and edited this visual piece that is known as the future of CX.


    Client : Right Now Technologies
    Production Company : Helio Collective
    Director : Chris Murphy
    Production : Kina Pickett / Phill Baribeau
    Cinematography : Logan Triplett
    Art Director / Design: Chris Murphy
    Animation / Motion Graphics : Chris Murphy / Zach Johaneson / Jim Menkol / Elliot Lindsey
    Music : Boards of Canada

  • Brand Story  /
    JL Powell
    Brand Story

    This is a brand film portraying the experience surrounding J.L. Powell's authentic line of travel and fly fishing apparel. We tell a story of a fly fisherman and guide to bring this experience to life.


    Client : JL Powell
    Production Company : Helio Collective
    Direction / Cinematography : Kina Pickett
    Creative Director : Chris Murphy
    Title Design / Colorist : Chris Murphy
    Editing : Phill Baribeau